What is Floating?

Floating is an increasingly popular way to achieve complete relaxation and enhance your mental and physical well being.

At Oasis Float Spa, you enter a private, very quiet room, where you take a quick shower and then lie down in a beautiful pool of warm water that is saturated with Epsom salts, which causes you to float effortlessly!  Once you are comfortably floating, you can choose to turn off the lights from a switch inside the pool, and you will be in complete darkness.  The pool’s water temperature matches your skin temperature.  The result is that you have removed the stimuli of sight, sound, touch and gravity which induces deep relaxation and a somewhat spontaneous state of meditation.

Our Seattle float pods are the largest free-standing float tanks in town.

Our Float Pools
Our beautiful pools (or “float pods”) come with a close-able lid to further isolate yourself from the environment.  If you like, you can turn on the starlight ceiling in the lid, and gaze at hundred soft points of colored light, giving you a sense of calm and wonderment.

While purists prefer complete quiet during their float, some clients prefer to listen to ambient music, which is delivered via speakers embedded in the float pool walls.

Your private float room includes your own shower for pre- and post-float, along with towels and robes and other personal amenities.

Why Oasis?
At Oasis Float Spa, our goal is to ensure that you achieve pure relaxation, every time, by using the most state of the art float pools in the country and providing highly talented, non-intrusive team members whose sole focus is your chill.

Benefits of Floating
Floating not only provides an extraordinarily effective way to reduce stress and achieve a persistent sense of relaxation, it also provides all kinds of other neurological and physical benefits.