Single Float $89

  • First time floating?  Second float is free!
  • Chill out guaranteed, or your money back.

Monthly Float Membership $69

  • One float per month
  • One NeuroSpa session per month
  • Second float/friends float $49

Unlimited Float Monthly Membership $179

  • Unlimited floats
  • Unlimited NeuroSpa
  • Friends float for $49
  • 2-hour floats for $20

Friends & Family Unlimited Monthly Float Memberships

2 members $209
3 members $239
4 members $269

  • Unlimited floats for all members
  • Unlimited NeuroSpa for all members
  • Tag-a-long friends float for $49
  • 2-hour floats for $20

Can’t afford it?

Floating has so many benefits that we’re absolutely committed to ensuring that everyone in Seattle who needs to float gets to float!  If you believe you can’t afford to float, please apply for one of our Seattle Float Scholarships.

NeuroSpa Pricing

At the far end of our chill lounge, we offer two NeuroSpa Chairs that provide a completely different and relaxation therapy. 

NeuroSpa combines multi-frequency acoustic vibrations (literally, good vibes), music therapy and color therapy to re-set your body’s energy fields.   Various therapeutic sessions bring relaxation, energy and even sleepiness!

NeuroSpa Chair
NeuroSpa Chair located in our Chll Lounge

The inventor of the NeuroSpa was searching for a way to solve the well-known problem in industrial medicine that certain frequencies of vibrations from machines like diesel engines and helicopters (literally, “bad vibrations,”) cause massive back problems for people exposed to them over a long period.  He experimented with other frequencies of vibrations to try to countervail the bad vibrations, and in the course of his research he discovered that some frequencies of vibration (literally, “good vibes”) bring extreme relaxation, energy, and even sleepiness!

Relaxation and Energy Session:  The NeuroSpa delivers 10 minutes of relaxation therapy, combined with 5 minutes of energy stimulation.  You’ll leave the session refreshed and will feel extra energy throughout your day.  $19 for one session, $99 for a 4-session prepaid card

Pure Energy Session:  If you’re feeling low energy, take 25 minutes to drink in the energizing vibrations, music and colors of the NeuroSpa chair.  Use this therapy several times in one week and experience persistent energy benefits.  $29 for one session, $59 for a 4-session prepaid card

Sleep Preparation Session:  Do you have trouble sleeping? Try a 60 minute float followed by a 30-minute NeuroSpa sleep session.  Perfect sleep guaranteed–absolutely do not drive yourself home after a NeuroSpa sleep preparation session, as this treatment can cause extreme drowsiness.  Walk home, take a bus or grab a Lyft, but please don’t drive.  The NeuroSpa sleep preparation session delivers the frequencies of vibration that will calm your mind and prepare it for a deep night sleep.  It’s accompanied by naturally lulling music and light therapy.  It’s alright to fall asleep during the session.  We’ll wake you and make sure you are adequately awake to get to your mode of transportation that takes you home.  $29 for one session, $99 for a 4-session prepaid card

Rapid energy session:  Are you pressed for time but want the daily benefits of the NeuroSpa?  Buy a four-pack and try a quick 5-minute energy session.  By your fourth session, you’ll be hooked! $10 for one session, $20 for a 4-session prepaid card

NeuroSpa chairs are used on a first-come first-served basis.  Prepaid NeuroSpa cards can be purchased at the front desk in our chill lounge.